next play conversations | details

The goal of next play is to help people figure out what’s next. As part of this, we run a program called next play conversations. These are virtual gatherings where we facilitate meaningful, off-the-record discussions. The structured conversations happen in small groups, and are a great way to meet people and generate ideas.

We host conversations centered around a wide range of topics:

  • Exploring new horizons — what emerging trends and technologies are you most excited about? Tuesday, Jun 18 @11AM ET.
  • Side passion projects — what projects are you particularly interested in working on over your nights and weekends? Thursday, Jun 20 @2PM ET.
  • Skill development — what is your approach to learning new things that will help you grow in your career? Wednesday, Jun 26 @12PM ET
  • Many more in the future!

It costs $50 to join for the month.

→ Click here to register (takes < 3 minutes!)