Repeat founders

Here's a list of 25 early-stage startups with less than 50 employees, all are founded by repeat founders who sold their previous companies. Some haven’t yet posted public job postings, but I confirmed all are hiring at the moment.


AI startups

Here's a list of 30 of the fastest-growing early-stage AI startups, based on search volume. There’s no better way to ride the AI wave than by joining a breakout company in this space. All of these companies are hiring.


Remote roles

Here's a list of 26 early-stage startups, hiring for remote roles, with less than 50 employees, all with significant traction, and backed by top-tier investors like Sequoia, Benchmark, Khosla, Index.


Early stage

Here's a new list of 30 early-stage startups with less than 50 employees, all with significant traction, and most are backed by top-tier investors like Benchmark, a16z, Khosla, Elad Gil, Greylock. All are hiring.


YC roles

Here are the 33 private Y Combinator companies with the highest revenue in 2023. All are actively hiring.


livestream shopping platform

US Canada

automate your work


10-minute grocery delivery in India


Amazon level logistics to e-commerce businesses

US India

economic infrastructure for the internet


mobile money app for Africa

remote Africa

marketplace connecting consumers to financial advisors

US remote

data-centric infrastructure to accelerate the development of AI

Bay Area New York Washington

professional website design and publishing platform

US remote

full-stack financial solutions company for businesses in India


on-demand delivery and financial services for LATAM


the core engine of supply chain in LATAM

Mexico Peru Panama Columbia

one place to run all your HR, IT, and Finance


operations software to run and grow cafes


lead conversion platform


event analytics for builders

Bay Area New York

internet commerce for everyone in India


functional undergarments for women


modern insurance brokerage

US remote

learning platform that enables you to train your staff or customers


hire, pay, and manage your team all in one place

US Canada Mexico

platform for the greatest products from the past, present and future


Making financial services simple, transparent and delightful


digital transformer of the American food supply chain industry

Bay Area

all-in-one HR and payroll platform for global teams

global remote

cloud solutions for the construction industry


platform empowering independent retail

US Canada

public safety operating system that eliminates crime

US Finland

business accounts, corporate cards, and spend management software

remote US Canada Brazil

people infrastructure for the future of work

Bay Area Denver

omnichannel communications platform

EMEAUS remote

connects healthcare facilities with nurses nearby


tech-powered women's wellness


YC backed remote roles

Here's a list of 30 early-stage Y Combinator startups, hiring for remote roles. All of these companies have less than 50 employees.

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