friends of next play

The next play community has grown to 5,000+ talented people who are exploring what’s next.

We would love to help more companies connect with job-seekers in the community. So, to help you hire quality people, we are introducing “friends of next play.”

You can join friends of next play here.

For $100/month, you get:

  • Curation: 25 top candidates sent to you monthly. These people have high intent and want to move for the right opportunity.
    • How it works? You indicate which people you’d like to connect with, and then we’ll send your information to them. They will reach out if there is mutual interest in a conversation.
  • Promotion: Placement in our newsletter which goes out to 5000+ candidates every 2 weeks. That means if you ever have a role you want featured in the newsletter, just let us know and we will be sure to include it. We’ll also occasionally shout you out next play social (Twitter / LinkedIn), Ben’s social (Twitter / LinkedIn), and on our podcast (Spotify). We’ll also bring you up at our in-person gatherings in 10+ global cities like NYC, SF, LA, London, Paris, and more.
  • Support: By subscribing, you also support the next play community in achieving its mission of helping people figure out what’s next. Proceeds from this subscription will go directly to fund the costs associated with running the network (e.g. editing the podcast, software licenses, etc.).
You can join friends of next play here.


Ben + next play team

We separately offer “next play talent” - a hands-on recruiting firm headed by Daniel, who previously was the first head of people at Uber and led Talent at Trulia and NFX. He’s an amazing partner to founders if you are looking for a direct search for any particular roles (everything from “I need to hire a founding engineer” to “I am looking for a head of Sales”). You can email Daniel here: